Total Wellbeing

Total Wellbeing

Let’s Restore your Balance

Our personal wellbeing has never been so severally challenged, as over the last few years, manifesting in disparate symptoms, both mental and physical. Western medicine seldom has the complete answer – it lies within my more holistic approach

  • Relaxation and Recovery

  • Rehabilitation Techniques

  • Detox & Destress

  • Integrated Therapy Treatments

Corporate Wellbeing

We provide a Corporate Wellbeing programme that offers a simple, cost-effective solution to reducing stress-related illnesses, enhancing relaxation and nuturing a better sense of well-being.

Our Corporate Wellbeing packages can be tailored to meet you exact company needs – treatments can be shorter and devered to a large numbers of employees in group sessions, or longer and more focused to particular patient’s specific health needs.

Acupuncture treatments for stress management are given in a quiet group settings with the treatment times of typically 45 minutes.  It is a non-verbal approach to healing; one simply sits, relaxes and enjoys the benefits of my acupuncture. 

The acupuncture comprises my perfected ear acupuncture involving the gentle placement up to 5 needles into specific sites on each ear whilst sitting quietly.  This takes place in a group setting for around 45 minutes.

Seated chair massage therapy is given 15-20min slots per person.

Corporate Wellbeing programs can be delivered on a  weekly or bi-weekly basis comprising group acupuncture and/or massage therapy.

The end result is to reduce stress in your employees, thus promoting better health and fewer days lost to various ailments.  Their enhanced sense of wellbeing will also help with efficiency and more constructive use of the working day.

Key benefits of acupuncture include:

  • Reduced stress & anxiety
  • Improved energy and concentration
  • Supercharged the immune system.
  • Increased calmness promoting better sleep
  • Discovery of inner peace, strength & presence
  • Increased ability to cope in emotionally difficult situations
  • Increased willpower & focus
  • Improved sense of self & spiritual connection
  • Reduced cravings for alcohol and other drugs (including nicotine)
  • Improved connection with counselling & other health & healing treatments

Key benefits to you, the employer

    • Increased productivity
    • Reduced sick leave
    • Better recruitment and staff retention
    • Enhanced workplace satisfaction and better teamwork
    • A unique wellbeing programme to suit you and your employees
    • Stronger corporate profile and culture
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