Why Acupuncture is Most Important in Autumn

As summer comes to an end, the seasons change over with the brisk coolness of autumn. Life and nature start to slow down and we thoughts turn to Christmas whilst Strictly is on TV. If you’re not careful about your health, however, you could wind up a tad under the weather, as autumn rolls in.

Autumn is a common time for the usual illnesses, plus allergy flare-ups.  On top of ailments, there are seasonal depressive disorders that can harm mental health for many. You can’t just “snap out of it” like friends might try to suggest. When the hormones in your body aren’t balanced, it can make you feel like there is nothing to look forward to.

…and how does acupuncture help?

If you’re searching for a way to your ultimate wellness this autumn, choose acupuncture which can alleviate both physical and mental wellness concerns. Traditional Chinese Medicine says autumn is linked with the lungs and large intestines. These control your immune system and the key to keeping your energy and wellness up during the autumn months is to nurture these pathways.

Acupuncture is a great way for preventative treatment as well as to restore the balance of your mind. 

Why is it so important in the autumn though?

  • It helps clear your mind
  • You’ll let go of negativity that burdens you
  • Acupuncture releases depression, sadness, and grief
  • It balances moods
  • Hormones become regulated
  • Your mind will be calmed
  • Sleep will come easier
  • Stress will ebb away
  • Annoying allergy symptoms will be under control

In addition to these autumn acupuncture benefits, you’ll be ready with a bolstered immune system. It’s so important because whilst the upcoming Christmas time is fun, it can present many stressful o events. Some people dread seeing certain family members while others struggle to find the time to do it all. And everyone has trouble finding the perfect holiday gift for someone on their list.

Make it easier on yourself this year to transition into the next season.

Book an appointment with us now to harmonise yourself with nature, mind, and body. 

Feel your best in a natural and effective way.

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